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Frequently Asked Quesions

What's included in the hourly rate? 

My hourly rate covers everything you'd need for the perfect video. This includes: brainstorming, graphic design, scripting, storyboarding, video editing, titles, music, sound effects, color correction, video conversion, rendering, and uploading.

I have access to essential stock video and music libraries that are included for no extra charge. Premium stock footage, music, and voice over procurement will cost extra and be expensed at cost at your approval.

What kind of videos can you create?

There is no limit to what types of videos I'm able to create, but I'm best suited to corporate contents. I make explainer videos, tutorials, demos, screencasts, promo videos, video ads for social, internal videos, webcasts, event coverage, documentary content, text based motion graphics content, etc.

I do not typically work on short films, music videos, narrative films or with YouTube creators.

Who do you normally work with?

I work best with companies that need content and brand consistency across their platforms and channels. I work with startups that want to break into video but aren’t ready to hire a full-time video person and companies that anticipate having video needs but not knowing enough to commit to a contract.

How does your pricing work?

All work is billed on a per hour basis. Before any work begins, you will receive a complete breakdown of estimated labor time, costs, and expenses. You can save money by paying for a day or week of labor upfront.

At the end of every billing cycle, you will receive an invoice for services rendered. You can securely pay the invoice using a credit card through Stripe, PayPal, or ACH bank transfer.

Do I need to learn a new workflow?

I seamlessly integrate into the workflow you already have in place. I can join your Slack, Teams, Asana, email chains, or whatever else you use to make the process as frictionless as possible

Is this a safe investment?

All of my pricing is transparent. Hours are reported weekly. I also ensure there are no surprise charges and will let you know well ahead of time if work will be taking longer than expected. Plus, a free personalized onboarding and consultation at the start of each collaboration ensures we’re both on the same page right off the bat.

Is there a limit on revisions?

All work is billed hourly, including revisions. So technically there is no limit on revisions.

What happens if we go over our hourly package?

I'll let you know when you’ve used 75% of your estimated hours. You’ll then have the choice to buy another hourly package or switch to pay-as-you-go pricing once your hours are used up.

How do I get my videos?

All drafts are sent via secure Dropbox link, where you can stream your video and download in the highest quality.

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