Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful For Businesses
Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful For Businesses

The fact that 91% of businesses use video marketing helps tell us why video marketing is so powerful - it's effective.

The fact that 91% of businesses use video marketing helps tell us why video marketing is so powerful - it's effective. Video marketing is crucial for enhancing engagement and driving traffic to websites. To help you utilize this tool, I've broken down the fundamentals of video production. Leverage these tips to craft videos that present your content in an engaging way and attract audiences.

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful - What Is It?

When it comes to delivering information about your product, service, or industry to potential customers, video can be a powerful tool. Visual content—such as images, colors, and videos—beckons people in and encourages engagement with your brand. Marketers now have access to multiple forms of video marketing such as product videos, customer testimonial videos, the company "about us," webinars, and explainer videos. These all play an important role in building awareness for their business and reinforcing its overall message.

But one of the most important considerations when creating these types of videos is having them part of an even wider content strategy that embraces other formats too. By doing so, you increase the chance they’ll actually be seen by more people on every possible channel.

What Makes Video Marketing So Effective?

Video marketing offers unbeatable convenience for consumers. With just a few clicks, users can view videos quickly and easily, providing them with an efficient way to access the information they need. Additionally, as videos are often shorter than traditional forms of content, such as text or images, they are accessible in less time. This makes video marketing an ideal choice for businesses looking to engage their customers effectively. Some benefits include:

Big Engagement Boost

Embedding videos as part of a comprehensive content strategy is a powerful way to drive user engagement. Videos that elicit user interaction improve the time-on-site metric and maximize the chances of visitors reaching their desired outcome. 

Build Natural Traffic 

Search engine algorithms recognize a new level of user engagement with videos. It then rewards it with higher search engine rankings - leading to increased organic traffic.

Increase Conversions

Videos can be a powerful tool to influence users and sway them toward the desired destination along the conversion funnel. When users find the content engaging, they stay longer and are more likely to take a call to action like filling out a form or subscribing to your newsletter.

Optimize ROI

By leveraging videos, you can increase engagement levels with minimal additional marketing budget spent. This allows for more efficient use of funds and releases resources for use in other initiatives such as PR or product development.

How To Make Your Video Marketing Powerful

There has never been a better time to plan and execute a good video marketing strategy. Here are some of the surefire ways to slam dunk with every one of your marketing videos.

Before venturing into video production, be sure that you have a firm grasp of your primary objectives. Doing so will serve as an invaluable reference point throughout the rest of your endeavor. For instance, if you need to create awareness surrounding your blog, keep videos concise and informative. Alternatively, if you're making product demos, add lengthier content and explicit calls-to-action at the conclusion.

When putting together video content marketing, always design materials with your target audience in mind. Doing so can be made easier by conducting interviews with customers or analyzing user engagement analytics for useful insights into their wants and needs.

Maintaining consistency with your brand is essential when utilizing video content. All material should adhere to existing brand guidelines, using the same professional tone set in other marketing materials. Videos- while they can be fun and whimsical- should reflect this consistent professionalism in order for viewers to easily identify that the video was created by you.

Additionally, keep videos short and sweet - users appreciate being able to consume your information quickly without a long commitment of time or energy. Marketers should strive to create marketing videos that convey their message quickly and directly. As much as possible, eliminate extra words or lengthy intros and get to the point in under two minutes. Timely messages that are easy to grasp will often result in higher engagement with viewers. It pays to keep it short and sweet.


Take Microsoft for example.

Microsoft Teams used marketing videos to help recover lost market share and become a leader in their space. This particular video is a product demo that gives viewers an overview of the Team's capabilities and features. Bright pictures and animated graphics of people enliven the experience and make it more enjoyable, as does the playful use of emojis. In this way, Microsoft Teams communicates its values of fun, humanity, and realness along with the advantages of its products.

Get Your Videos Online!

Video has the power to inform and engage your audience. As a result, consider including relevant video assets as part of other online collateral. Additionally, if you have ‘about us’ videos, product demos, or other types of content that don't need extra context to convey its message, create landing pages specifically designed to house your videos and direct traffic there. It's important to never forget your distribution strategy when it comes to video content - not only should you make sure it gets seen, but also distill insights into snackable chunks for email marketing and social media. Doing so will help increase its reach even further!

If you need professional video editing for your social media, business, website, and more contact me so we can get started today!

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